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Candy Bead Art: Make Your Own Candy Necklaces & Candy Bracelets

Everyone remembers candy beads from their childhood. Now you can have fun making your own candy bead bracelet or candy bead necklace in the colors and flavors of your choice. Bulk candy beads are available in all size packages for any size event. Candy Beads come unstrung so you can design your own!

Candy Bead Art is available in hexagon tubs,single serving bags, gold jewelry boxes, and in bulk. Elastic string or candy string comes with the candy beads for beading.

candy beadscandy bead art logo

candy bead art tubs
Candy Bead Hexagon Tubs come in single flavor, rainbow, or any mix

Flavors of candy beads: red = cherry, orange = tangerine,

yellow = lemonade, green = apple, blue = punch, white = vanilla, gray= grape

Flavors of candy string: red = strawberry, yellow = lemonade, green = apple, blue = blue raspberry

candy beads

Bags include a string, and plenty of your choice of candy beads. Choices include rainbow, many school colors, many company colors, holiday colors, fall or halloween, Patriotic Red, White and Blue, and many more.


candy bead art boxes
Round candy bead art boxes are totally cute! Boxes are available in solid color or assorted.


bead box
Candy bead jewelry boxes. Candy beads either come in bulk, so you can have fun filling your own box, or boxes come filled with candy beads. Custom Labels with your candy store name, or any business or organization name, are also available.



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