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Containers Available: Below are a variety of containers that can be used with our candy sand art. All containers come empty and can either be filled with any version of our powder Sandy Candy, the Roxy Candy Pebbles, or any mixture of the different types of candy sand art!

Above containers: Mini tubes are clear and are 4", Regular tubes are clear and are 6", Medium Straws are clear and are 12", and Large Straws are clear and are 20"


We have 10 different Fun Shaped Bottles. They are: flower, happy face, star, peace, alien, moon,butterfly,sun, heart, and love. You can always specify which fun shapes you would like. You can get them assorted or non assorted. They are very impressive looking and are lots of fun to fill with all of our yummy edible candy sand art products.


rainbow dip
New Rainbow Dip! Enjoy filling up a cute round container with any or all of your favorite Sandy Candy powder. After that, let the delicious dipping began.


roly poly
New Roly Poly Candy Sand Bottles are very cute and round which makes it super fun to fill with our delicious candy powders. Our crunchy candy pebbles also fill nicely in these fun bottles.


message in a bottle

New Message in Bottles are the perfect size to make real sand art creations. They also work great for rolling up a note and creating your own message in a bottle. Each bottle comes with a cool lid that flips open for easy eating.



New Baby Bottle Necklaces with Zots! Zots are delicious hard candies with a fizzy center. Available in watermelon, cherry, and green apple. Enjoy dipping your yummy Zotz into your artistic Sandy Candy Art Baby Bottle. Each Zotz Baby Bottle necklace comes with the baby bottle, candy art to fill, and a tasty Zotz.


New Potion Bags! Have fun creating your very own candy potion mixture. Each package of potion bags come with empty 2"x2" ziplocks, potion stickers, plenty of candy to fill in squeeze bottles, and a cute black velour bag for safe storage. Like all of our fun containers, potion bags can be bought in small and large quantities.


New Dip A Finger. Includes Vial, lid, candy art for filling, and a delicious gummy finger. Yum!

Tinted Straws! Our tinted straws come in 12" and 20". Original clear straws are still available, but consider offering these for an additional fun new twist







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