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Payback Attack

payback attack with flavor crystals

Flavor crystals are now available in Payback Attack. Each candy crystal adds an intense burst of flavor to the sour candy powder. Payback Attack Flavor Crystal test tubes come in tubs of 36 or in test tube racks of 50.


payback attack
payback attack striped tubes
Payback Attack is intense candy powder that colors your tongue. Payback Attack flavors include Red = Cherry Charge, Orange = Xtreme Tangerine, Green = Mean Apple, Black = Midnight Cherry, Yellow = Lucky Lemonade, Blue = Powerful Punch, white, and orange = Double Sour, Blue, pink, yellow, red, green, and orange = Mega Mixture, Orange, black, green, pink, blue, yellow, and red = Flavor Rush, Blue and pink = Melon Madness


payback attack tubs

Each Payback Attack Tub contains 36 assorted Payback Attack Test Tubes



Payback Attack Candy Powder Test tubes are available in racks which hold 72 tubes

Payback Zero

Each Payback Zero Tub contains 36 Payback Zero Test Tubes

Payback Zero Colors Your tongue just like Payback Attack but has no calories, no fat, and no carbs!

Flavors include: Cherry Zero, Green Apple Zero, Fruit Punch Zero, and

Flavor Surge; 8 different flavors striped in 1 test tube


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