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Roxy Candy and Candy Winks are a crunchy version of Sandy Candy. They also come in squeeze bottles and can be layered into the same containers as Sandy Candy. Kids of all ages have fun making their own candy art using Sandy Candy, Roxy Candy Pebbles, and Candy Winks. For more fun, all three types of candy can be used in the same container.

roxy candy bottles

Roxy Candy Straw

Roxy Candy Pebbles Come in over 35 varieties

Candy Pebbles Flavors Color
Strawberry Pink
Wild Cherry Red
Tangerine Orange
Lemonade Yellow
Green Apple Green
Fruit Punch Blue
Blue Raspberry Light Blue
Bubblegum Purple
Tart Apple White
Black Cherry Black
Root Beer Brown
New Cotton Candy Pink & Light Blue
Rainbow All Colors
Tangerine Tart Apple Orange & White
Strawberry Tart Apple Pink & White
Cherry Tart Apple Red & White
Cherry Lemonade Red & Yellow
Double Apple Green & White
Strawberry Fruit Punch Pink & Blue
Strawberry Apple Green & Pink
Bubblegum Tart Apple Purple & White
Cherry Orange Red & Orange
Fruit Punch Tart Apple Blue & White
Lemonade Fruit Punch Yellow & Blue
Strawberry Lemonade Pink & Yellow
Apple Punch Green & Blue
Cherry Punch Red & Blue
Strawberry Bubblegum Pink & Purple
Rainbow Sherbert Pink, Green, & Orange
Sweet Sunrise Red, Orange, & Yellow
Sweet Sunset Blue & Black
Patriotic Punch Red, White, & Blue
Easter Berry Pink, Yellow, Green, & Purple
Spooky Surprise Black & Orange
Holiday Crunch Red & Green
Your Own Mix Can be any combo. Great for school colors or company colors


*New Roxy Candy Pebbles Flavor: Xtreme Sour Rainbow*


Candy Winks are crushed up Sandy Candy Tablets

Gourmet Candy Winks Mixed With Sandy Candy

Gourmet Winks Flavor Color
Vanilla Orange Crunch White with Orange Winks
Birthday Cake White with Rainbow Winks
Banana Split Yellow with Rainbow Winks
Orange Berry Crunch Orange with Pink Winks
Rootbeer Crunch Brown with Rainbow Winks
Strawberry Shortcake White with Pink Winks
Bubblegum Crunch Lavender with Rainbow Winks
Cotton Candy Crunch Light Blue with Rainbow Winks
Pink Birthday Cake Pink with Rainbow Winks
Watermelon Crunch Pink with Light Red Winks
Vanilla Cherry Crunch White with Red Winks


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