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Weird Candy Novelties

Our wacky and weird candies are great for anyone who wants to sell some fun and unique candy novelties. Most of our wacky candies are fantastic for every day fun. Since prices on our unusual fun and wacky candy items depend on quantities ordered, please call us at 1-877-643-8922 for details. Private Labeling is available on most of our weird candies.

chocolate bites
Green Tea Bites, Honey Bites, Ginger Bites, & Bacon Bites are a fun and unusual candy treat. There are 12 assorted pieces per a box.


zombie body

Zombie Body Candy will sure to please any zombie lover. This wacky candy is available in chocolate, gummy, or a mix of chocolate and gummy. Each complete Zombie Body's arms spread out to about 4" and it is about 5.5" tall.


gummy bandages
gummy bandage bags
Our new gummy bandages come in a variety of colors and assorted fruit flavors. Candy gummy bandages are available in packages of 4. Each gummy bandage is 1"x 2.5".


gummy finger with gummy bandage with candy blood
Bloody gummy bandaged finger Pop is an unusually gross candy consisting of a gummy bandage with a gummy finger, and candy blood. Our gummy fingers are 3"x 3/4". You can design your own Bloody gummy bandaged finger pop by picking which color you want the gummy finger and which color you want the gummy bandage.


crime scene
crime scene
crime scene vial bags
crime scene vials
Our Crime Scene Candy Kit is a perfect gift for any CSI fan. It includes a shrunk wrapped package of Candy Blood, Candy Urine, and Candy Saliva. Each candy bodily fluid is a tasty sour liquid candy flavor. Crime Scene body fluids are also available in 3 pack bags. Each bag contains 3 candy saliva, 3 candy urine, or 3 candy blood vials.


candy plasma
plasma powder
Candy Plasma Kit is a nice mix of candies. It includes red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma. Candy Plasma comes in a variety of yummy fruit flavors. Candy Powder Plasma test tubes also available and make a sweet gift.


classic cookies and cream video controller

Classic Cookies 'N Cream Candy Video Controllers are an awesome gift for any gamer!


honey n' cream
Honey N' Cream Chocolates are delicious. Each bite is filled with honey flavored goodness.


peace of cake
Peace of Cake looks like a peace sign but taste like amazing birthday cake!


candy pink and brown poops
Candy Pink Poops & Candy Brown Poops are fantastic candies. They are available with either a cinnamon center or a lemonade center. Both candies are packaged in a specimen cup.


cookies and cream mustache pops
double cookies and cream mustache pop bags

Cookies and Cream Mustache pops are adorable. Plus they taste amazing!


pickle mustache
Pickles and cream mustaches are a unique candy treat. Perfect for baby showers, gift shops, candy stores, and anyone who likes the combo of pickles and ice cream.


pickle licorice
Pickle Licorice is a weird yet tasty treat. We take fresh soft pieces of red licorice and hand dip them in a fun mixture of white chocolate crunchy pickle flavored candy.


zombie gummy chocolate heart
Zombie Gummy Chocolate Heart consists of sandwiched layers of green apple chocolate and wild cherry gummy! Each tasty Zombie Gummy Chocolate Heart is packaged on a meat tray. Super Clear Hanging Bags are also available.


candy mushroom bags
Candy Mushroom Bags are a cute weird treat. Each bag contains two chocolate mushrooms. Candy Mushrooms are available in a variety of colors. These are perfect for Alice In Wonderland events, video game theme events, or just every day fun!


bacon blocks
Bacon Blocks are cute pink candy blocks with chunks of bacon bits inside. They are available in bags, boxes, and in bulk.


undead fingers

Undead Candy Fingers are creepy yet tasty. Candy Fingers are available as solid chocolate or chocolate with gummy flesh wounds inside. You can get our undead fingers with or without a stick and they are packaged either in bags or on a meat tray.

chocolate gummy body parts 3 pack
brains & ears
Our chocolate gummy body parts meat tray includes one chocolate gummy brain, one chocolate gummy heart, and one chocolate gummy ear. Chocolate gummy brains, & chocolate gummy ears are also available in super clear easy to hang bags.


chocolate zombie brain pop
Chocolate Brain Pops are great for all kinds of brainy fun. They are available in solid pink, zombie red hot green, and red hot pink.


green eggs and ham
Candy green eggs and ham are a fun treat! Perfect for all kinds of events with kids or it makes a great gift. Green Egg is green apple gummy and pink ham is strawberry gummy or chocolate.


chocolate soap

Chocolate Soap Bars! Looks like a bar of soap, but is yummy tasting candy. Great for practical jokes and every day candy eating fun. Everyone loves to get their mouths washed out with our candy soaps!


circuit board
Our chocolate circuit boards are very tasty. They are available in assorted flavors.


butterscotch bacon
Enjoy Breakfast & Dessert all in one bite with our fantastic Butterscotch Bacon Test Tube Candies. Butterscotch Bacon Test tubes are available in a tub or a rack.


zombie pig grub
Our new Zombie Pig Grub consists of delicious little pieces of green apple and watermelon candies with a crunchy hot center. They are available in bulk and in vials.


chocolate brains
zombie brain
New Zombie Chocolate Brains with gummy inside! ! Great gifts for zombie lovers, brain surgeons, or anyone that likes chocolate, brains, and gummy. Cute gift boxes are available for Zombie Candy Brains.


candy booger tubs
pig boogers
pig boogers with bacon bits

Pig Boogers are delicious bacon flavored candy crunchy nuggets! They are available in a sweet candy bacon variety, and also in a new version made with a bacon bit center. PIg Boogers are available in bulk or in tubs of 36

dragon boogers
dragon boogers
custom dragon boogers
New Dragon Boogers are super crazy hot! Even though they are small pieces of candy, they pack a tremendous punch of chili candy fire! They are made with Bhut Jolokia ghost pepper, which has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the hottest pepper in the world! Make sure to have a glass of water near by when eating these! Dragon Boogers are available in bulk or in tubs of 36
ghost boogers
Ghost Boogers are crunchy white candy nuggets with a delicious mystery fruit flavor. Ghost Boogers are available in bulk or in tubs of 36
zombie boogers
zombie boogers
zombie boogers
Green Apple Zombie Boogers are a fun Zombie candy treat! Zombie Boogers are packaged in a nifty vial for easy eating. Zombie Boogers are available in bulk or in tubs of 36
unicorn boogers
unicorn boogers
Yummy fruit flavored unicorn boogers are a weird and wacky candy that is fun and tasty. Unicorn Boogers are available in bulk or in tubs of 36


kanji candy bars
Our fun Kanji Chocolate Candy bars are great for anyone who knows Japanese or is learning Japanese. Each bar either says Happiness, Love, Peace, or Dream in both English & Japanese.


fire chocolate bars

Our hot and spicy Fire Chocolate Bar says Fire in both Japanese & English. Each bar is about 3.5 oz of delicious spicy chocolate.


mustache candy bars
If you love Mustaches, then you will really love our new Mustache Candy Bars. Each tasty candy mustache bar is 4"x2" Candy Bar Mustaches are available in a variety of colors & flavors.


chili trio
Chili Trio is a spicy mix of chili & candies. Consisting of 3 different types of candies, our Chili
Trio is sure to please any spicy candy lover. Chili Trio is available in prepackaged bags & in bulk.


chocolate bacon surprise
Our Chocolate Bacon Surprise consists of delicious white chocolate with crunchy pieces of bacon flavored candies mixed inside. Chocolate Bacon Surprise comes in packs of 2 or 3.


soda bacon
Soda Bacon is available in cherry cola, orange, and grape. Each package contains 3 pieces of your choice of gummy bacon or chocolate bacon. Chocolate Covered Bacon is also available.


black heart

Our black cherry gummy hearts are strange, unusual, and delicious!


bacon bark bites
New Bacon Bark Bites are delicious chunks of high quality white chocolate with candy coated bacon bits mixed in. It is the perfect blend of chocolate and bacon!


chocolate mustache pop
Chocolate Mustache Pops are available in a variety of colors and & flavors. Perfect for parties and gifts, our chocolate candy mustache pops are packaged in individual cellophane bags.


flavor saver pop
New Flavor Saver Pops! These tasty gummy mustache pops are great for all kinds of good times. They are available in individual packages or in sets of 4.


sweet props

Our new candy props are totally fun for everyone! Candy Props come in a variety of bright colors and great tasting flavors. Perfect for special events or great for everyday entertainment. Have fun taking pictures with these neat candy props, sharing the pics on the net, and enjoying the great tasting candy!


make your own gummy face
Have fun making your own gummy face with our assorted weird gummy candies. Make your own gummy faces are available in single face packages for individual retail sale, and in large group packages for special events. Packages either come with all items, or you can hand pick which gummies you want in your face.


flavor saver gummy mustaches
gummy mustaches
Our Flavor Saver Candy Mustaches are new and fantastic. Each gummy mustache is sized to fit on your face and is 1" x 3.25".Candy Mustaches come in a variety of tasty fruit flavor of gummy awesomeness. Gummy Candy Mustaches are available in individual retail packages. Each package comes with 3 Flavor Saver gummy mustaches.


gummy skull with heart eyes
fantastic gummy skulls
New Gummy Skulls are cute & tasty. Awesome gummy skulls with heart eyes are 3"x 2. Fantastic yummy gummy skulls are 2.5"x2". Both candy skull designs are available in a variety of package options. Our gummy skulls come in lots of different colors and flavors.


candy texting
Our new candy texting gummy letters are pure sweet gummy goodness. Candy texting letters are available in a large variety of texts. Numbers are available too! Some popular candy texting texts include: LOL, TMI, OMG, ?4U, IRL, BTW, CYA, GR8, ILY, and so much more! Candy texts come in assorted colors of delicious fruit flavored gummy.


gummy soap
New Gummy Soap is a tasty pineapple flavor and looks just like a bar of glycerin soap. It comes packaged in a nice clear soap box.


Custom Labeled Weird Candies
custom weird candies
custom weird candies
custom pig, unicorn, zombie boogers
We can put your logo, store name, and or what ever you would like on our custom labeled weird candies. You can keep the product names or invent your own!


zombie bullets
Zombie Bullets are yummy bullet shaped candies. Each Zombie Bullet container is filled with a nice assortment of different colors and flavors of Zombie Bullets.


zombie juice

Zombie Juice is xtreme sour punch liquid candy. It is available in a 3 pack of purple, green, and blood red. Each Zombie Juice bottle has a flip lid for easy eating.


unicorn hair

Candy Unicorn Hair is very delicious. It is available when fun, nice, and sweet unicorns need a haircut. Each golden box of Unicorn Hair has 4 different tasty sweet flavors.


breakfast and desssert, pie and coffee, coffee and donut

Indulge your taste buds with our new combo food flavored candy tube packages. Varieties include Breakfast and Dessert (bacon and cupcake flavors), Pie & Coffee, and Coffee & Donut.


Gummy Bacon and Gummy Egg! Gummy bacon is a yummy strawberry flavor and the gummy egg white is pineapple flavor and the yellow center is lemonade flavor.


i love bacon
Great gifts for bacon lovers, or fun for anyone who wants to declare how much they love bacon, our gummy I love Bacon Candy is an impressive treat.


goth balls
goth balls
Goth Balls have a soft chewy jelly bean center. They are black on the outside and have different color jelly beans on the inside. Centers include blue (blueberry), red (cherry), green (apple), yellow (lemon), orange (tangerine), purple (grape), pink (grapefruit), and assorted. Goth Balls are available in black gift bags and in bulk.


louisiana hot candies

Our new Louisiana candies include Louisiana Hot Cherry Pepper Powder Candy, Louisiana Cajun Candy Nuggets, Louisiana Cajun Candy Powder, and Louisiana Liquid Hot Sour Cherry Pepper Candy. Each candy is tasty,and a perfect treat for anyone who enjoys hot or cajun candies.


honey gummy
Honey Gummy is a sweet candy gummy bar made with real honey.


blood clots
New Candy Blood Clots! These bright red crunchy tasty sour cherry candies are available in test tubes and in bulk.


cherry chocolate heart
Our new Cherry Chocolate Candy Heart is a delicious white chocolate cherry gummy treat.


vampire blood
vampire blood tub
zombie blood

Yummy Creature Candy Blood! We have Troll Blood, Zombie Blood, Demon Blood, Vampire Blood, and Goblin Blood! Each sour liquid candy vial is super tasty! These fun liquid candy vials come in several different colors and flavors. They are available with a variety of labels to pick from along with custom labels for your company, school, or any purpose. Custom labels can include your logo, name, and any info you would like. Sour Liquid Candy Blood Vials come in bulk and are also available in tubs! There are 48 Candy Blood vials in each tub.


vegetable soup
New Sparkling Vegetable Soup is a tasty sugar free candy. It tastes just like vegetable soup, is made with real vegetables, and sparkles in the sunlight.


candy flowers
New Candy Flowers are a tasty candy powder made with real edible flowers.


lol candy
New LOL Gummy Candy Bars! Available in many combinations of 3 colors and flavors per bar.


ham and cheese
ham and cheese
New Ham and Cheese Gummy Sandwich. The bread is a yummy pineapple flavor, the ham is a sweet strawberry flavor, and the cheese is a tart tangerine flavor.


funky fizz
Funky Fizz Flavored Powder is available in bacon fizz, wasabi fizz, cola fizz, and banana fizz! Funky Fizz comes packaged in test tubes and large bottles for retail sale. Funky Fizz is available in regular and in sugar free.


blazin novas
Blazin Novas hot candy crunchies are delicious bursts of fire crunchy candies made with Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper. Each Blazin Nova candy is a super hot and spicy sweet treat.


candy blood

Our Blood Sucking Sour Candy Blood Vial is an intense cherry flavor. Great for retail sale and promotional uses. These tasty blood treats are available with no labels, with custom labels, or with Blood Sucking Sour Labels


candy blood
Candy Blood Test Tube Racks! Each rack holds 72 blood sucking sour vials!


zombie poop
unicorn poop
Zombie Poop & Unicorn Poop Specimen Cups are wacky and delicious. Both Zombie Candy Poop & Unicorn Candy Poop are a nice combination of fruit chewy and crunchy sweet treats.


unicorn pee
Layer your own Candy Unicorn Pee! This kit comes with an empty specimen container along with an assortment of several colors and flavors of Candy Unicorn Pee. There is plenty of Candy Unicorn Pee provided to fill up your very own Unicorn Pee Specimen Cup.



gummy unicorn poop
Gummy Unicorn Poop has at least 3 rainbow colors and 3 different flavors of gummy candy. It is made with a special edible glitter and comes in a cute package with sparkly candy grass.


funky flavors candy

New unusual funky flavored candy powder tubes! For wasabi lovers, our new wasabi candy powder comes in 3 flavors including Wasabi Punch, Wasabi Apple, and Wasabi Xtreme. For bacon lovers, our new bacon candy powder comes in Bacon, Chocolate Bacon, Apple Bacon, and Vanilla Bean Bacon. Our cupcake candy powders are sweet and scrumptious and are available in Chocolate Cupcake, Strawberry Cupcake and Vanilla Cupcake. Other funky flavor candy powder tubes include Curry, Vanilla Chai Tea, Apple Pie, Banana Split, and Green Tea.


formula pee
body fluids
custom formula pee
Formula Pee, Asparagus Pee, and Formula Poo are all sour liquid candy! All 3 are packaged in real specimen containers. Formula Pee looks like real pee, Asparagus Pee looks like Asparagus Pee, and Formula Poo, well looks like liquid Poo. All 3 candy body fluids are actually very delicious candy!


Pink Eye Pus! Sour Cherry Pink Liquid Candy Pus is a gross yet tasty novelty candy.

slither snake

giant candy snake
Giant Gummy Snakes with crunchy candy pebbles. This 27 Inch long fruit flavored candy rattlesnake covered in assorted fruit flavored candies is impressive. They are available in rainbow colors, spooky colors, or any custom color combo of your choice. These fun slithery yummy candies come in bulk or individually wrapped packages.


Zombie Heart with Zombie Blood! Our delicious green apple gummy heart packaged with our tasty sour green apple candy blood! The perfect treat for any Zombie Event .


worm pool
Worm Pool Vials are sour tasty liquid chewy fun!


Sour Liquid Candy with 2 Bonus Sour Chewy Treats are available in a variety of several fun colors and tasty sour flavors.


Candy Potion Test Tubes! These enchanted powder candy, and crunchy candy potion vials are very yummy! They make great party favors and prizes.


brains and neurons
If you are looking for a neat brain related prepackaged candy, our crunchy candy brain cells, and chewy candy neurons are a fun and delicious fruit flavor brain confection. They are also available with a private label.


Gummy Turtles, Gummy Fishes, and Gummy Frogs are fun for all kinds of events. Whether you are having a beach theme event, or looking for candy creatures for a candy potion party, these sea candies are yummy!


gummy frog
New Gummy Frogs with Crunchy Candy flavor bursts are very fun. Each gummy frog is made out of a tasty pineapple gummy and is loaded with green apple flavor bursts.


turtles on rocks
New Gummy Turtle on Candy Rocks! This tasty fruit flavored reptile treat is tons of fun.


Liquid Love, Liquid Luck, and Liquid Glee vials are available as a three pack or individually. Each fun liquid candy potion is great for retail sale or party favors. Liquid love is cherry flavor, Liquid Luck is green apple flavor, and Liquid Glee is lemon flavor.

finger on a stick

finger pops
brain pops
heart pops
ear pops
dip a body parts
body part dip
New Candy Body Part Gummy Lollipops! We have gummy brain lollipops, gummy finger lollipops, gummy ear lollipops, and gummy heart lollipops! Available in lots of different colors and flavors, these gross candy body part treats are sure to please. These fun wacky candy lollipops come in individual packages. The packaging options are either a cellophane bag or a meat try. They are offered in regular gummy and new candy powder covered gummy. Each gummy body part pop is also available with a bag of candy powder dip and a tray for easy dipping. Candy Powder Dip is available in over 25 flavors of regular candy powder, fizzy candy powder, and sparkly candy powder.


New Worms & Dirt! This yummy crazy candy creation comes with a large vial of liquid candy mud sludge and 3 delicious candy worms for dipping. Have fun dipping your candy worms into the disgusting yet tasty worm dip! Great for an Earth Day treat or for any day you want to have fun playing with worms and dirt that you can eat!


words' largest gummy rat

Giant Gummy Rats are over 8" tall. Each tasty rodent is packed full of at least 3 different fruit flavors. Available with and without a candy powder dipping bag, each Giant Gummy Rat is packed fresh in its own Styrofoam meat tray.


Have fun making your own candy blood vial. You can mix and match candy blood, candy puss, candy white blood cells, candy red blood cells, and candy plasma. Your unique candy blood vial will be tasty gross interactive candy treat.


Mm mm! Yummy Delicious Candy Brain! Take a bite into our big gummy brain. Available in a variety of colors and flavors including red = wild cherry, pink = strawberry, yellow = lemontastic, blue = crazy punch, and green = witch apple. Great for all kinds of fun brainy activities. Our sweet and yummy candy brain is individually packaged on a meat tray for retail sale.

candy ashes
Everyone loved Uncle Urnie. He enjoyed every moment of his life, and when he died, his remains magically turned into candy.  Uncle Urnie's candy ashes remains are yummy sour black cherry creepy candy powder packaged in a nice size black velour bag or in test tubes. Urns, test tube racks, and tubs are available as a fun point of purchase display. Custom Label Candy Ashes are also available!

Candy Barf is a nice collection of our candy concoctions. Makes a unique and tasty gag gift! Candy Barf includes a gummy hot dog, a gummy hamburger, a gummy fried egg, and a large variety of other fun and yummy candies.


Yum! Zombie Grub! Assorted yummy gummies all wrapped up nicely in a convenient take out gift box. Includes candy guts, gummy worms, gummy brains, gummy teeth, and what ever other wacky disgusting yet tasty items we are making that day. Chop sticks are included for fun and easy eating!


zombie pee
Every Zombie Fan needs Zombie Pee! Zombie Pee is a super sour apple funny zombie candy treat!


Candy Eyes! These yummy gummy eyes each contain 3 different flavors of gummy all in one piece. Candy Eyes come packaged in a wacky meat tray for retail sale or come in bulk for parties and events.



Our Big Blood Sample Vial is 2 oz of sour cherry liquid candy. It's perfect for retail sale. Private labeling is available. .


Gummy Anatomical Human Heart. Sold individually and in bulk. Each gummy human candy heart is soft, fresh, and has a sweet cherry taste.
Our Gummy Hearts are available with and without Candy Guts!


My, What Big Teeth You Have Grandma! These gummy teeth are fantastic and come in many colors & flavors.


Make Your Own Bloody Eye Brain Soup Kit!

Kit includes candy blood, candy brains, and candy eye. Mix together in your favorite soup bowl for a nasty yet fun treat!



New Candy Ants. In a delicious wild cherry or black cherry flavor, these red candy ants and black candy ants make a fun memorable candy gift. They are available with our regular label or a custom label. Custom labels are great for a tasty promotional item for a pest control company.


Dragon Dung! Who would have thought candy dung could be so much fun? Each Dragon Dung is made out of yummy gummy and comes with bonus dragon dung candy nuggets!


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