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World's Largest Giant Candies

Our giant candies are super impressive. They make great gifts for anyone who loves unique and oversized candies.

giant cinnamon bear
If you enjoy cinnamon bears, then you will really love our new giant cinnamon bear. Each tasty cinnamon gummy bear is 7" x 5" and 2.5" high! Each candy cinnamon bear weighs over 1.5 lbs.


giant candy necklace
giant candy bead necklace
giant candy necklace bead box
Make your own Giant Candy Necklace. This fun huge candy necklace is amazing. Making your own giant candy necklace is tons of fun for wearing and eating! Giant Candy Necklace is available in bags and boxes.


giant gummy mustache
Our Giant Gummy Mustache is about 15.5"x 4" and weighs close to 2 lbs. It is available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, clear, and black. Each color is a different yummy flavor.


giant gummy buttons
Giant Gummy Buttons are super impressive. They are available in a variety of colors and flavors. Our pack of six giant gummy candy buttons weighs about one one lb.


giant chocolate pink cupcake
Our giant chocolate cupcakes are made of delicious solid chocolate and will be the highlight of any event. They are available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, and white.


red d 20
big chocolate d 20 candy dice
cookies and cream d 20
big d20 gummy and chocolate
Big Chocolate D20's are over 6 oz of deliciousness. Each Big D20 candy dice is solid and you can read all of the numbers on all 20 sides of this fun candy dice. Big Candy D 20's are available in solid chocolate, cookies and cream chocolate, and 1/2 gummy and 1/2 chocolate.


zombie bear
Zombie Chocolate Bear is huge! . Each bear is 7" x 5" and is 2.5" high and is over 1.5 lbs of yummy chocolate with yummy gummy bears inside.


giant chocolate bear
Our new Giant Chocolate Bear is over 1.5 lbs. These cute candy bears come in over 45 flavors. Some of our most popular flavors include strawberry, orange cream, green apple, blue raspberry, pineapple, cherry, & coffee. For details on all of the flavors, please call us at 1-877-643-8922. Each bear is 7" x 5" and is 2.5" high!


giant cupcake
giant gummy cupcake in box

New world's largest giant cupcake! This giant gummy cupcake weighs in at 1 lb. and makes a perfect treat for any event. It is about 4" wide, 3.8" tall, and 12" in diameter. Each yummy candy cupcake is available in a variety of colors and flavors of gummy, and candy sprinkles are available in rainbow, or your choice of colors/ flavors. We make these to order, so have fun creating your own unique color combo of a giant gummy cupcake!


giant cherry soda
New Giant Gummy Cherry Soda is about 9 inches tall, weighs 1 lb, and is a tasty cherry soda flavor.


giant turtle
Giant Gummy Turtles front weighs 8 oz, the back weights 12 oz, or you could get both the front and the back attached as a 3D set which weighs1.4 lbs. The Giant Gummy turtle is about 6" high and about 3.5" wide


giant bunny

Worlds Largest Gummy Bunny Rabbit! Our 2.48 lb. gummy bunny rabbit is huge and over 13 inches tall. It is available in regular gummy and new glitter gummy. There are 5 varieties including strawberry, tangerine, lemonade, green apple, blue raspberry, and any combo of 3 flavors in one bunny.


huge gummy heart

World's largest gummy candy heart. This wild cherry gummy heart weighs in at over 2.5 lbs of delicious gummy candy. It makes a perfect gift for your sweetheart. Available with and without yummy sour cherry candy blood!


big hand
New Big Giant Gummy Hand! This bigger than life size gummy hand is fun for all types of occasions when weird wacky candy is needed. They are available in straight colors and a large variety of fun color combinations.


giant gummy foot

Purple Blue Gummy Foot! This fun tasty fruit punch grape gummy treat weighs over 1.5 lbs and is served on a meat tray!


pie powder
Giant Pie Powder candy bottles are delicious. Flavors include Peach Pie, Apple Pie, Key Lime Pie, Cherry Pie, & Mud Pie. Each giant bottle of candy pie flavored powder tastes just like pie.


engagement ring
World's largest gummy engagement ring! Available in many colors and flavors, this giant gummy candy diamond ring will certainly put a smile on any face. It is 7.5" high and 5.5" wide of delicious gumminess


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